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PO Box 3050
Newport Victoria 3015
Telephone: 0419 262 182
Just a few pictures of some past projects we have completed, some products we can supply and a few others just because I like them.
Pre-wired wafer type thermostats
Low voltage L.E.D. viewing lights
To the left is a reptile rack built for the Lost Reptile Home on behalf of the Victorian Herpetological Society. The rack comprises of 7 levels heated with heat cords and controlled by one Habistat thermostat. The top tub has a wire mesh section toallow for the provision of U.V.B.

The main construction is of melamine shelves and 25 x 25 x3mm aliuminium box section, the tubs are all ventilated at the rear with perforated stainless steel panels. The wheels are high quality rubber tyred units two of which are provided with brakes.
A divided Exo-Terra vivarium modified and set up to house a client's Chondro pair.